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Straightening can make your hair look lustrous and beautiful. A touch of iron can transform frizzy curls into straight and silky hair. The makeover looks so beautiful that we often rush to get our hair straightened without even knowing about its side effects. It is important to be aware of the right technique as well as its side effects. Incorrect straightening technique can be dangerous and may lead to permanent hair damage. Although, leading hair salons and hair experts are extremely careful about the procedure, the side effects may vary from person to person. It also depends on the quality and type of hair. It is necessary to know about the side effects of hair straightening before going for a makeover.

Heat Risks. Consumer flat irons can be equipped with heat settings that go up to 410 degrees F or more. However, the AAD indicates that such high temperatures are unwarranted, citing studies indicating that exposing the hair to temperatures of between 347 and 419 for even five minutes can harm hair. When a hot flat iron is applied to damp hair or hair that's been bleached, permed or dyed, damage can occur at even lower temperatures. The AAD advises making sure the flat iron is no hotter than 347 degrees F, if the styling tool has a digital read-out or temperature setting, or using it on the "low to medium" heat setting.

Hair fall. When you consider hair care, one of the main things that is taken into consideration is to make sure that you do not have any hair fall. But, hair straightening will experience this, especially when they have used poor quality chemicals and improper techniques. Straightening iron breaks the hair from the roots and in long term the hair follicles become weak and continue to fall.

Avoiding the side effects of hair straightening is easy and possible. For this, you need to visit a good and trustable hair stylist. Make sure the stylist you are engaging is a hair straightening expert. Also, make sure your stylist uses good brand of styling products which are tested by dermatologists. Do not make a fuss while undergoing the treatment, and take good care of your hair to avoid the side effects.