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Putting dye on hair is one of a girl's way to express something. Musician? Color your hair red. Blogger? Turn it to white. In school? Brown is just fine. Photography? Any color will do. See how versatile hair colors are? And girls just love them! But after choosing the color that you desire, do you know the next step? It is time to take care of your colored hair. If you don't have any idea, keep on reading and find out more about care for colored hair!

• First, have Your stylist use only quality, conditioning hair colors. It is your hair so go for the quality. You can begin by asking your hair colorist to use a professional hair color with conditioning properties that will continue to condition the hair as the weeks go by. 

• Tip number 2, always remember: Red dye is most susceptible to color loss because red hair colors tend to fade faster because they have the largest molecules.  So when going for a red hue, be sure to have your stylist use hair color that maximizes high-definition color results with minimum stress to the hair’s cuticle.

• Next, shampoo your color-treated hair less regularly. This is to prevent water from washing away your vibrant color, the answer is simple: Wash your hair less often. This will help your color last longer and help maintain health in your colored hair.

• Right after coloring, wait for two days before you shampoo. When you color your hair, wait at least 48 hours to shampoo, preferably longer or if you can go three or four days before shampooing, even better. This will give the color plenty of time to set.

• Always keep your hair dry in the shower if you don't shampoo. You can wear a shower cap to keep your color-treated hair from getting wet while showering as this can cause some color to fade. Or, pull your hair up into a loose bun or a ponytail to protect it from getting wet.

There you have it! Bear these tips in mind so that the next time you decide to color your hair, you already know what to do after.



Photo from: Tumblr